Connor Shiver

Operations Intern

As an operations intern, Connor assists with many of the functions that help JMH Consulting run smoothly. From data analysis to process optimization, Connor works with the operations team to ensure that everyone on JMH’s team has all of the resources they need, when they need them, in order to deliver industry-leading results. Connor’s goal during his time with JMH is to do whatever he can to help everyone perform their jobs easier and faster so that they have more time to spend with clients.

Connor attends the Georgia Institute of Technology where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. He appreciates Georgia Tech for both the knowledge that he is obtaining and for its focus on innovation, which he believes will provide a strong foundation for his future goals.

After he completes his undergraduate degree, Connor plans to go on to receive a Master of Business Administration and then begin a career in the operations side of upper management. He is very appreciative of the real-world operations experience that JMH Consulting is providing him.

In his off hours, Connor is generally spending time with his friends or family somehow – either hiking, exploring Atlanta’s restaurants, or by simply sitting around and talking.