Dana Palacio

As a graphic design intern at JMH Consulting, Dana works with the marketing team to design new ads and improve on current online advertising for universities, including display ads, landing pages, email marketing and social media. She uses multiple creative platforms to edit and perfect university ads, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Dana is currently attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, from which she has learned dedication and strict time management. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, which she loves and is very passionate about. Through her studies she is able to learn not only about graphic design and marketing, but also product design, design thinking, user experience and interaction design, and all the different disciplines that relate to industrial design. She hopes that through this internship she will learn not only more about marketing and ad design, but also about working in a professional environment and using her design skills in different ways.

When not working on new ads for JMH, Dana can be found taking her dog to Piedmont park, exploring and taking photos around Atlanta, or taking yoga classes.