Phillip Ramsey

Executive Chef

Phillip Ramsey’s passion for food and cooking began nearly forty years ago when, as a young man starting out in the world with little money, he would occasionally cook for dates instead of going to restaurants. Though unaware at the time, that experience would eventually pave the way for a life-long love affair with the culinary arts.

While Phillip spent a number of years working at high-end restaurants and catering operations, he avoided kitchen positions, opting instead for server, bartender and managerial roles. His reasoning was that working long hours in a commercial kitchen would taint his passion for cooking. He nonetheless took advantage of the presence of a number of talented chefs and, in the process, gleaned a world of knowledge regarding the art of creating and preparing memorable meals. A fan of the Food Network, Phillip points to the inspiration of two popular TV chefs, Bobby Flay and Michael Symon, for helping him develop a “less is more” approach to cooking, a philosophy that emphasizes the use of fewer high-quality ingredients.

Phillip’s role as Executive Chef for JMH Consulting allows him to leverage his many years of cooking experience, but also provides considerable freedom of culinary expression in preparing lunches for the company’s weekly meetings. His ultimate goal each week is to create dishes that are both seasonally appropriate, as well as culturally and ethnically diverse.