Enrollment Case Study – University of New Haven

The Background

JMH markets, recruits, and supports retention for an online Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Emergency Management offered by the University of New Haven. JMH was the third vendor who had addressed enrollment management for the programs, but the first vendor that provided strong results.

The Strategy

The University of New Haven is regionally well known for its strong on-ground CJ program. JMH leveraged the UNH brand and utilized psycho-demographic profiling, as well as regional associations. JMH built a robust marketing ecosystem, using platforms such as Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to drive new leads. JMH also created and implemented a stronger visual identity throughout the marketing and made SEO improvements to the microsites. JMH combined marketing with a one-on-one recruitment approach, in which counselors promptly followed up with those interested in the program, communicated via email and social media, and guided them through the application process.

The Results

This holistic approach resulted in strong growth for the fully online programs. JMH took over the marketing for the programs in the fall of 2014. Between winter of 2015 and spring of 2016, UNH experienced growth from 6 enrollments to 30 enrollments for Emergency Management — more than a 400% increase —  and from 19 enrollments to 43 for Criminal justice — more than a 100% increase.