Recruiting for Higher Education


Inquiry to Application

JMH designs a comprehensive and customized enrollment management strategy for our university partners that engages prospective students during each phase of their decision cycle. Using a high-touch approach — through a combination of phone calls, email and social media — our enrollment counselors inform and encourage qualified prospective students to apply.

But, they don’t just call and email … they connect. Our enthusiastic enrollment counselors foster relationships with prospective students while understanding their goals, answering questions and allaying any concerns.

From inquiry to application, enrollment counselors represent your university and encourage enrollment as well as serve as a support system for prospective students. Ultimately, the “fit” between student and university program is a two-way street.

Application Process

Once a student begins their application, JMH uses several tools to guide students through the enrollment process. These may include:

  • Transcript Release Forms — Applicants may sign a Transcript Release Form that allows our recruitment team to request transcripts from prior academic institutions on behalf of potential applicants.
  • Guidance in choosing and requesting references.
  • Guidelines on writing an application essay, if applicable.

JMH collaborates with the university to track the progress of a prospective student’s application to completion. JMH also remains in touch with the prospective student, supporting and encouraging them throughout the process. This personalized communication is amplified in the weeks leading up to application deadlines so prospective students don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply.