Getting in Touch With Your Inner Student: Effective Strategies for Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Susie Harvey

It may seem a bit obvious to think that student-centric recruitment is the first part of the larger enrollment practice — but is it?

Ask yourself, how many times has your organization positioned students’ thoughts, fears, needs, wants, etc. at the forefront of the chosen recruitment strategy? When we allow ourselves to connect with our inner student, we can tap into the very like-minded internal motivational strategies that are linked to enrollment growth. What do your students want?

Like most individuals, students are looking for opportunities to increase career progression, earn a more substantial income, obtain new proficiencies, and much more. Being aware of identified motivations will facilitate the creation of more effective communication plans, call strategies, marketing campaigns, and web material.

Think like a student!

Students today are thriving in an exponentially, advanced technology-focused environment. Is your content digitally appealing? Are you utilizing social media and other mobile platforms effectively to increase awareness about processes such as starting and completing an application, obtaining financial aid, and enrolling in classes? If not, there is an opportunity to create robust content to keep students engaged and move them through the enrollment cycle effectively.

Getting in touch with your inner student, provides the essential key to creating an effective and successful recruitment and enrollment strategy.