Custom Landing Pages for Higher Education

Landing Pages

While paid search and paid social marketing bring more visitors to your website, landing pages create a better user experience. Custom landing pages also reassure prospective students that they are on the right page and make it more likely that they take action. Bottom line – effective landing pages ensure you acquire leads from your ads.

Because we are flexible, we can guide you in building your own landing pages or we can build the pages for you. Using tools like WordPress, Dreamweaver, and Unbounce, our landing pages are both stunning and effective. More importantly, we create landing pages you can easily manage for future marketing efforts, whether they exist in your website, content management system, or on a third-party server. In fact, we help you build landing pages that integrate directly with your CRM or almost any other tool you may be using to manage leads.

Well-designed landing pages increase response rates and improve the ROI of online marketing. Reach out to learn more today.