Online Marketing Strategy and Launch

Strategy and Launch

We partner with universities to drive leads and raise awareness, which strengthens enrollment for degree and certificate programs. Our approach is unique. As a consulting firm, we start with your goals and build a customized multi-platform online marketing strategy to meet those goals.

We work closely with your stakeholders and with input from your team to create a formal strategy, which includes:

  • Primary and secondary target audiences for each program
  • Demographic and psychographic profiling of the target audiences
  • Recommended digital platforms to reach each audience
  • Messaging and ad copy for each platform
  • Ad imagery following each platform’s specifications
  • Budget allocations between platforms
  • Marketing goals

Each Marketing Strategy we design is tailored based on your budget, the program audience(s), and appropriate geography. Recommended platforms often include Google Paid Search, Bing Paid Search, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and the Google Display Network. We also occasionally recommend other platforms such as Perfect Audience, Pinterest and more. Our team has experience with all of these platforms, so we can design effective campaigns with ad placements that make the most sense for your program.

Once the discovery process is complete, your Marketing Strategy is captured in a robust document which serves as the foundation for future marketing plans and communicates clear expectations for deliverables and performance. We then execute the Online Marketing Strategy, building and launching campaigns on each agreed-upon platform.