Certificate Partnerships in Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

JMH’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt Certificates combine academic rigor with practical application. The program combines the asynchronous online modules with synchronous online or in-class modules. Students are exposed to material prior to class, so class time is used gaining a deeper understanding of the principles and how they are applied. This is a cohort format in which lessons build on one another and culminate with a test for the Green Belt certificate as well as a final project for the Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology for improving a process’ flow thereby making it faster or more efficient. Six Sigma is a Management methodology for achieving world class quality. Together Lean Six Sigma enhances the overall quality of the product and speed with which it is produced. Lean Six Sigma is more than just a program for manufacturing. These principles are being used in manufacturing, healthcare and the service industry.

Our launch and management process includes:

Your marketing Our award-winning marketing team will develop a unique, comprehensive, and data-driven marketing strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, paid search and social media campaigns, a program mini-site, custom landing pages, email marketing and CRM implementation. All marketing is customized to your university brand and designed so you can eventually assume management.

The recruitment process We pursue the right student for your program, not any student. We combine cutting edge technology and personal interaction to design a warm, but effective recruitment process. Once prospective students indicate interest, we quickly help determine if the certificate is a good fit for them and if they are a good fit for your school.

Student support Once a student enrolls in the certificate, we guide them to completion. This includes frequent class updates, homework and exam reminders, and serving as their “go to” person with problems or questions.

Program management Managing a successful program combines art and science.  JMH recruits local, experienced instructors, customizes the curriculum to your student population, and establishes processes and policies that complement those already in place in your department.

Strategic planning JMH Consulting serves as your strategic partner throughout the relationship. We include you in every step of the process, implement best practices, and position your department for long term success.

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