Website Benchmarking

Do you know how your website performs in comparison to industry standards? JMH’s Website Analytics Benchmarking can tell you.

JMH is giving back to the higher education community through our free Website Analytics Benchmarking initiative. If you choose to participate:

  • JMH will install or optimize Google Analytics for your website.
  • JMH will aggregate your analytics with dozens of other departments and conduct a quarterly analysis. Your information will be anonymous and not individually shared.
  • You will receive a quarterly report that outlines industry trends on website performance.

Your website is critical to your department’s success. You depend on it to provide information about programs, support your marketing, and engage prospective students.

Download a free sample State of the Industry Report and see what you’ve been missing. You can also ready our frequently asked questions about this initiative.

Ready to learn how your website is performing? Click here to become part of our Website Analytics Benchmarking Initiative >